Vision, Mission And Values


To be an iconic global corporate house powered by values and relationships, which catalyze commerce and knowledge across the oceans through its signature entrepreneurial spirit - the basis of growth and profitability.


» To become trusted, dependable, reliable and excellent source for products and value addition.
» To become an example of a chemical distribution company through quality, speed, reliability, flexibility and economy.
» To be an organization of human values and leadership excellence.
» To endeavour for continuous progress, development, growth and enrichment of organization, processes and people.

Core Values

To ensure practice and perseverance of values of Human Dignity, Empowerment of people, Transparency, Honesty and Integrity, Business Ethics, Responsible Care for Society and Country.

We have built our business on the following values :

Delivering Excellence : To offer the best to our customers, day after day, month after month, year after year. as demonstrated by our 60 years history.

Employee Respect and Teamwork : To foster a positive and collaborative environment for our employees to grow and thrive.

Integrity : To act with integrity, honesty and ethics - in every decision we make.

Open-mindedness : To embrace a culture of openness, where we aren't afraid to try something new or step out of the box.

Win-win relationships with our suppliers : To collaborate with our suppliers and work in a mutually beneficial way.

Creation of Wealth : To satisfy our shareholders by creating long term value.

Environmental Stewardship : To be aware of our impact on the environment and take decisions with care.

Community Service : To be proactive in giving back to our local community as a company