Efficient Supply Chain

We pride ourselves on offering complete solutions that work for projects and companies of all sizes, with various supply chain efficiencies
We offer ERP connectivity for buy and sell transactions.
Process and data integration efforts with ERP :
Reduce transportation costs
Increase efficiency with transportation scheduling
Lower demurrage and detention costs
Create optimal routing plans
Reduce freight claims and disputes
Decrease overall errors and incidents throughout the system
We promise competitive costing with on time delivery through :
An international network of ocean liners and custom brokers
Tailor-made solutions for each shipment, using our independence to negotiate with transportation lines
on a daily basis to obtain best routing, service, and rates for our customer cargo.
Our own tonners to manage distribution of hazardous product like Chlorine gas
Effective and efficient custom clearance and documentation
We provide bespoke delivery solutions :
Warehousing & Delivery – with multiple warehouses nationwide
Direct-to-Consumer delivery and
Small-Scale Distribution of Specialty Chemicals via our own inventory.