Company Timeline

As a part of the PRAKASH GROUP we take pride in our history, dating back to the 1950s…

» 1950 Inception of Kalpana Stationery Store
» 1957 Kalpana Launches its Stationery Distribution business – Kalpana Traders

» 1966 Inception of Prakash Chemicals – a Chemical Distribution Company Appointed Agent of Standard Alkalies, India
» 1967 Opening of first Prakash warehouse in Ranoli, Vadodara, India

» 1977 Appointed Agent of GACL, India

» 1980 Appointed Agent of Navine Fluorine, India
» 1983 First to supply Caustic Soda in Railway Wagons
» 1988 Inception of Prakash Gas Company
» 1989 First export of Caustic Soda Flakes

» 1992 First export of Formic Acid in ISO tank
» 1994 Appointed Agent of GNFC
» 1994 Inception of Prakash Financial Services (Guj). Ltd

» 2001 Prakash Chemicals is separated into three companies, with their own directorship: Prakash Chemicals Agencies Pvt. Ltd, Prakash Chemicals International Pvt. Ltd, Prakash Chemicals Pvt Ltd
» Inception of Prakash Software Solutions Pvt Ltd

2003 Inception of Shah International FZE , Dubai

» 2007 PCAPL opens a Warehouse and Branch office in Ahmedabad
» 2008 PCAPL opens a Warehouse and Branch office in Surat & Mumbai

» 2011 New Headquarters, Prakash House, open in Gorwa
» 2012 PCAPL diversifies into Food & Beverage industry with launch of new soft drink concentrate, Juicila
» 2017 Appointed Agent of OPAL