The Prakash Group

Established in 1950, the Prakash Group has evolved into a competitive force and reached a new tipping point in its desire to keep pace with the constant changing world order and rapid transformation in the corporate environment.

It now has business presence across the globe. The Group which started in the business of chemicals, has diversified into software, office supplies, telecommunications and plans are afoot to foray into other businesses in the near future.

The Group's symbol form inspired by the sun reflects an everlasting energy that flows through all our companies. The epicenter of this energy is the robust value system of the group which remains constant and unshakeable. In the identity it is represented by the name Prakash. Prakash Chemical Agencies Private Limited (PCAPL), the Group's flagship company, is exploring new horizons and innovating new ways of delivering the best services-on-time and accurately across the domestic and the international markets.
Prakash Chemicals Private Limited
An ISO 9001-2000 certified company; PCPL is a leading agency house for Oleo chemicals, pigments, polymers, engineering plastics and specialty products manufactured by various multinationals across the globe. PCPL’s domestic and international principals are VVF, HUNTSMAN, CIBA.
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Prakash Chemicals International Agencies Pvt. Ltd. (PCIPL)
Prakash Chemical International Private Limited (PCIPL) with 60 years of assiduous experience in the distribution of Industrial Chemicals is a leading exponent for soap and detergent raw material, paint and coating chemicals, flavour and fragrance chemicals, plastic additives, cosmetics ingredients, food and beverage chemicals, water treatment chemicals and many other significant industries. Its people, processes, systems, distribution networks, contract manufacturing sites and strategic relationships with raw material producers focus on satisfying your need; ensuring that every order is on time, accurate and complete.
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Prakash Teleservices Pvt. Ltd. (PTPL)
PTSPL is an established provider of stationeries and office supplies for over 60 years. It is the registered reseller for HP Printer consumables; and has recently introduced its own stationery under the brand name ‘STATOS’.
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Prakash Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (PSSPL)
PSSPL is a leading Turnkey Solutions Provider of client/server technologies, e-Commerce, desktop and web-based applications.
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